The sailboats, the designs and the sailings of Christian Lanctot


Proto 2008 Versions

The Proto 2008 specifications are taken from Freeship, the boat design software that I use to design my sailboats. Toying around with ideas grabbed from everywhere, I come up with 4 versions of the same basic design. See for yourself:


The first is the prefered one. Round hull but with on chine strating at midhull to the transom.

Proto 2008 photo gallery:

proto 2008 sportboat 8 slide


Another version is the complete round hull. The same design than Proto 2007 with small tweaks:

Proto 2008 round hull gallery:

proto 2008 round hull 10


And a third version is for a double chine hull. This could be the easiest hull to build. Like stitch and and glue technic. Easier to fair also. The panels are already flat.

Proto 2008 chine hull gallery:

proto 2008 chine hull 6


The last version I would have very much liked to build is this one with wings. But using the 3d software and heeling the boat, I found that the wings would be in the water at 20 degree of heel. wings in the water are slow. The wings are good if there is crew to retard the heeling moment. So not for my purpose.

 Proto 2008 with wings gallery:

proto 2008 wings