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Proto 2008 Specifications

The Proto 2008 specifications are taken from Freesship, the boat design software that I use to design my boats. Basically, depending of the sail area, I can modify the amount of lead in the bulb. It is a matter of testing the right balance and optimizing the boat for the lower or the higher wind range. It is called changing the mode of the boat. Less sail area so the boat will be good up to 30 knots of wind and although moving easily under 8 knots, more power should be desired. More sail area and the boat will need to be reefed over 25 knots of wind.

A version or mode with a Soling sailplan would need something like 750 pounds of lead. But another mode with 1000 pounds of ballast will support  more sail area like a Js9000 or Etchells sailplan. The latter would be a low cost solution. Ver good used sails are easily available. 

Lines plans

Below is the extracted lines form Freeship boat design software.

proto 2008 linesplan

Design hydrostatics:

Project : Proto 2008

Designer : Christian Lanctot


The numbers are for about 1000 pounds of ballast.

Draft: 7 feet

Sail area 300+ sqf

Design length : 28.000 [ft]

Length over all : 28.001 [ft]

Design beam : 6.500 [ft]

Beam over all : 6.511 [ft]

Design draft : 0.740 [ft]

Midship location : 14.000 [ft]

Water density : 62.000 [lbs/ft3]

Appendage coefficient : 1.0000

Volume properties:

Displaced volume : 32.868 [ft3]

Displacement : 0.910 [tons]

Total length of submerged body : 25.052 [ft]

Total beam of submerged body : 4.457 [ft]

Block coefficient : 0.3978

Prismatic coefficient : 0.5578

Vert. prismatic coefficient : 0.5716

Wetted surface area : 85.128 [ft2]

Longitudinal center of buoyancy : 14.243 [ft]

Longitudinal center of buoyancy : 0.972 [%]

Vertical center of buoyancy : 0.475 [ft]

Midship properties:

Midship section area : 2.352 [ft2]

Midship coefficient : 0.7132

Waterplane properties:

Length on waterline : 25.052 [ft]

Beam on waterline : 4.457 [ft]

Waterplane area : 77.710 [ft2]

Waterplane coefficient : 0.6960

Waterplane center of floatation : 13.390 [ft]

Entrance angle : 7.362 [degr.]

Transverse moment of inertia : 92.151 [ft4]

Longitudinal moment of inertia : 2624.7 [ft4]

Initial stability:

Transverse metacentric height : 3.279 [ft]

Longitudinal metacentric height : 80.332 [ft]

Lateral plane:

Lateral area : 12.609 [ft2]

Longitudinal center of effort : 15.631 [ft]

Vertical center of effort : 0.443 [ft]


Proto 2008 photo gallery: