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Proto 2008 sailboat.

proto 2008 sportboat 26This is my latest design, a refinment of Proto 2007,the one I would built if I had to do it right now. And yes it still have the same name SuperSolo

Proto 2008 gallery 1:

Proto 2008 is based on  the same design box than my Proto 2001 design and is a refinement of it.

Proto 2008 will be a fast day sailor also called sportboat. This sailboat is a concept boat. It is designed inside the following box:                       

I need a boat for myself going out sailing everyday.                         

I want a boat that can stay on his feet from 0 to 30 knots with me alone without sail change and reef.

The boat should be long enough for waterline speed and should have a planning hull.

The boat should be optimized for the helmsman and a crew which will be on trapeze and handle the spinnaker.

The boat should be light and easily driven with a modest sail plan in all conditions.

Concept:proto 2008 sportboat 27

To design an easily driven hull, Proto 2008 strong characteristics emphasizes very narrow water line beam, and a fair amount of rocker along with a narrow beam. I have chosen narrow beam for a few reasons. First it goes easily through waves. Second it makes a lighter hull in terms And beside, a wide hull makes more wetted surface, needs more sail power to compensate and more crew on the rail to counteract the added sail power. More is less and less is more. I also added a half chine form center to the back. Nowadays it is very common to see chine on the latest speed designs. Volvo 70. IACC, etc. Besides my last 2 boats had chines and I like it. I it suppose to help lift the boat to weather and discipline the water at the transom. Some test on reduced model and tank testing prove that there is a gain.

Another particularity is a prolonged forward section. This has a few purpose. One this makes a very fine entry which in conjunction with rocker should help getting the bow out of waves. Second a fine entry reduce the energy needed for going through water. Third, with the head stay further back, leaves place for an asymmetric spinnaker or code 0  clewed to the bow without bowsprit. This simplify short handed handling and reduce the length of a possible bowsprit.


The appendice are high aspect ratio. The keel is a simple foil with a lead bulb at the bottom which will be resposible for most of the stability of the sailboat. The rudder is a cassette type. Both are retractable.

Sail plan:

Sail plan should carry about 300 sqf of sail surface. Something like the Js 9000. Carbon mast with flexible top for bleeding power carrying a big roach mainsail and a self-tacking jib. This last item is not negotiable. I tested a high roach mainsail at the end of the 2007 sailing season on SuperBlanc. I had positive results on speed gains and the ability of the boat to carry more sail area. More testing in 2008, but I am very pleased that I can ad sailarea without changing the ballast amount. Although I may do it with SuperSolo.

Construction:proto 2008 sportboat

I am dreaming of a carbon epoxy sandwich construction, vacuum bagged and oven cured. But a cold molded construction is more realist at least for the first hull. I am very familiar with this method using 3mm meranti plywood. It is light enough, stiff, durable and strong. Anyway the small hull surface compensates for the added weight compare to a bigger boat.


This project is for me and my needs to sail everyday. It is quite difficult to bring along half a dozen crew in a short notice, so this project is a compromise solution. Maybe some sailors out there are thinking in the same way and could be interested in this sailboat. Then it could be the beginning of a new adventure.

I am not a professional designer. Ideally this concept should be revised by a naval architect and engineered accordingly. But I have enough experience with similar sailboats for being confident in a solid and durable performer.

Proto 2008 gallery:

Proto 2008 specifications: