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My Sailboat Designs


My sailboat designs:

In 1998 I purchased this nice piece of sailboat design software called Proline. Since then, when the winter hit hard, I design my dream boats. It is always the same kind and the same concept. I want a fast sailboat that I can sail with 2 people with little effort possible. I like waterline speed so I go for long, light and slippery easy driven hull that need no big sail plan. Remember I sail everyday and do not have crew available all the time. So I must be able to control the boat alone up to 30 knots.

Design Proto 2008 SuperSolo

proto 2008 half chineA year passed by and I couldn't help but to tweak a little Proto 2007. It is still the same boat with minor change. If I was to start right now and commit in cutting the mold stations, I will do the half chine version. Yes I played with 4 different versions. But you can see all that clicking the links.


Proto 2008 design:

Proto 2008 photo gallery:




Design Proto 2007. SuperSolo

p286.5-1 This is my latest design, the one I would built if I had to do it right now. And yes I already have a name for it: SuperSolo

It is based on  the same design box than my Proto 2001 design and is a refinement of it.

Follow this link to more pages about my Proto 2007 design.

Proto 2007 Photo album 2:





Design S30-8r



length:          30 feet

beam:            8 feet

S30-8r Photo Gallery:







Design S30-8plys30-8ply:

This is a chine version of the s30-8r.

S30-8ply Photo Gallery:








Design S27-7r:s27-7r


Length:        27 feet

Beam:           7 feet

S27-7r Photo Gallery:







Design S27-7 ply:s27-7ply

This is a chine version of the S27-7r.

S27-7ply Photo Gallery:








Design Open 27:open27-1

This design is derived from the Open 7.5

Open 27 Photo Gallery: