The sailboats, the designs and the sailings of Christian Lanctot


Proto 2001 Sail Plan

At the end of the 2007 summer, I discovered that I could make my own sails. I found this software: Sailcut that permits me to design and take out the offsets from the program. So with the x-y coordinates at hand, I was able to draw the panels  and then sew them. It is no big deal for me , I already have a sewing shop except for the space needed for sail manipulation. Read a big room.

Anyway I was in a high for a few weeks because it is really something to produce sails. They are beautiful objects but so expensive. So I save a lot of money doing the sails. But the best part is the research process. I want to add power to the boat but still want to keep maximum sail area up to at least 25 knots of wind. I am still in the testing mode, but so far with a flatter sail than the Soling one I have, and trimming differently, I think I have achieved my goal. So more testing next summer. I can't wait.

So as you can see on the pictures below, the sail has a big roach. And the material is some car shelter woven polyethylene available easily. Very cheap. I went to my sail maker who was very kind to sell me the furniture to complete the sail. When I will be satisfied with a sail, I will made another one with genuine sailcloth.

Proto 2001 SuperBlanc carry standard Soling spars from Abbott except for the spinnaker pole which is extended to 10 feet.

 superblanc mainsail 1  superblancmainsail2
 suprblanc mainsail 3  superblanc mainsail 4

 totalsail area  297sq/ft
 Mainsail  210 sq/ft
 Jib  87 sq/ft
 p  27'10"
 E  10'6"
 I  24'7"
 j  8'6"

 Mast height form deck 30'6" 
 Deck to lower band  2'3'5/8
 Spinnaker is symetrical  
 Jib is self tacking. A must for me  

If by any means you visitors want to know more about the subject of sails, you may take a look at hte books below. They are big names.