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Proto 2001 Design



I started this project in 1995. I had the sailboat LeBlanc which is presented in this website. Even if this boat was sailing well, I wanted more sailing waterline length. So during the winter, I made plans on my head to modify the end of the hull. Also I wanted to make another high aspect low bulb keel to it. So I cutted out the existing keel , turned the boat upside down and begin to modify the hull with stringers attached at the turn of the topsides and bottom. In no time, I had a new hull shape with a chine making a flat bottom toward the transom end. Then I looked at the front and say, why not make a plumb bow and gain some waterline length there to. So it is what I did. So the end result was a stringer from the bow to the transom making a chine. All I had to do then was making the skin and cutting out the old hull which was free from the new one form inside. There is still something like 12 feet of the first hull still inside.

And SuperBlanc was born.

I launched the boat the nine of September 2001. Two days before the fatidic date.

I was so surprised to see how well the boat was going. Perfectly balance with just a little weather helm. The boat  was going high upwind and planning easily white sail. But there was a teething problem. There was not enough buoyancy in the front topside of the hull. So when heeling, the boat had a tendency to dive the nose and take the end out of water. Also the bulb was made in a hurray with a lot of frontal area.

And then the winter came and plans were spinning on my head to modify the hull and make a new bulb. So what I decided to do was to pull down the bottom at the front from 7 inches at the bow to nothing in at the keel region.

I will put photos.

And this is the actual shape now. Although the problems are corrected and the hull behaves nicely, the new lines are not blending gracefully. And there is still to much pinching in the front topside to my taste. 

This is why I want to do another boat. This why I have designed Proto 2007, this time with the help a Prolines, a sailboat design software. I know better what I am doing for sure. But  this new design is ideas and ideally I would like to have it revised by a naval architect. I know what I can do alone but I can use pro advices.

The following images are documents extracted from the boat design software Proline. I measured the boat afterward when it was finished. It gives hydrostatics numbers and the lines of the boat in the 3 plan.

 proto 2001 hydrostatics

A designer will draw a boat using the 3 plan view like the ones in the image below. He can move every lines to shape he needs. Superblanc lines was measure after the boat was completed. I did not have the software in the first place. Would I had, the lines would have been different. But this is it.

 proto2001 plans small