The sailboats, the designs and the sailings of Christian Lanctot



Proto 2001 Superblanc 









proto 2001-1

Proto 2001 is a fast daysailor also called sportboat and is also my design. This sailboat is a concept boat. It was designed inside the following box:                       

I needed a boat for myself going out sailing everyday.                         

I wanted a boat that can stay on his feet from 0 to 30 kts with me alone without sail change and reef.

The boat should be long enough for waterline speed and should have a planning hull.

The boat should be optimized for the helmsman and a crew which will be on trapeze and handle the spinnaker.

The boat should be light and easily driven with a modest sailplan in all conditions.



The result is a 26′ 4″ feet long by 6 feet wide with maximum effective sailing waterline lenght. The stern has a plumb bow and the waterline beam is narrow.  superblanc2008-1                       

The sailplan is custom on a Soling mast and a selftacking jib.

The lifting keel has a narrow fin with a 800 pounds lead bulb at 4′ 8″.

The rudder is high aspect cassette type.

The sailboat weights 2000 pounds and half of it is in the keel.

The ergonomic of the cockpit is arranged in a way that the helmsman has access to every control with the stick still in his hand.

The cockpit is open and self bailing.

Well, I achieved my goals well beyong my hopes.

The sailboat is well balance with a little weather helm. It is very fast except in very light air. It points high with speed and do 10 kts in 20 kts of wind whitesail reaching.superblanc2008-2

I raced against an old Star boat and it is faster in every point of sail except under 8 kts of wind. Except in very light air, an Etchells has to be trim spot on to be faster. Both Star and Etchells have no chance with Proto 2001 if it gets on the plane.

The construction is veneer epoxy cold molded with glass inside outside which makes a very stiff and durable sailboat.

This sailboat is a delight to sail. It is pure sensations. She knifes his way upwind and slide effortlessly reaching with or without spinnaker. The rig is so adjustable that you can always extract more speed ou of it. Never get bored.


I love sailing. I love my boat.