The sailboats, the designs and the sailings of Christian Lanctot


Proto 2001 Construction


The boat is built with composite materials using the cold molded method from the Gougeon West System.The core is made of 3mm plywood. 4 layers for the bottom and 3 layers for the topsides, the deck and the cockpit floor, all glued with epoxy.

Then a 6 once fiber glass epoxy saturated inside outside completely seal and waterproof the wood.

The structure is made of plywood. There are 6 laminated ring frames starting at the front of the mast to the rudder keel box. Vertical transversal plywood frames connecting bottom and cockpit floor reinforce the front and the back of the keel box and a longitudinal center frame start from the keel box going forward for the mast steep. Smaller center longitudinal frames extend to both end.

The boat has 4 watertight tanks. Forward deck, under cockpit floor and  cockpit side tanks. It is unsinkable.

The keel box is double wall plywood with 1.5 inches contour blocks between.  

The rudder box is made around a cassette type removable rudder.

The rudder is plywood with a stainless steel rudder post curved and milled extending about half of the rudder blade. The rudder post turn in two 35mm Jafa self align roller bearings.

The keel is made of 1/4 inch aluminum full size plate with 2 steel straps 1/2 X 6 inches from top to bottom. One on each side. Then the lead bulb is attached to the bottom.

The boat is faired and painted with high build epoxy primer. Then high quality polyurethane paint sanded up to 800 grit finished with automotive glazing compound completes the process.