The sailboats, the designs and the sailings of Christian Lanctot


Sailing Boat from Christian Lanctot

This is the story of an avid and passionate sailor who not only sail every summer day but also have restored, designed and built the boats he sails.St-laurent sailing boat

I started sailing in my very young age. My father bought his own dream boat was I was 6 years old. It was the St-Laurent. It was a unique vessel with already a few dozen years of existence. Legends are saying that the boat could have been gaff rig in his young age and transformed to marconi in the forties. This period of my life really impressed me with all those summers playing around and in the water in a dream environment for a young kid. I have never loosed the kick. Even today, I must go sailing everyday. And I do.

Restoring Sailboats:superstar1

Over the years, I have restored and built 5 boats. It all started with the St-Laurent who needed repairs to survives. And later after getting in touch whith epoxy products a complete rebuilt. Following I did three restorations, meaning that I stripped deck, removed all paint inside outside, and then welded and saturated the wood between glass and epoxy. Yes I did 3 of them.

Restoring sailboats:



Building Sailboats:superblanc

Lastly I have designed and built in real my Proto 2001 SuperBlanc, my current boat. I had strong ideas of what I wanted and with simple measurements based on similar boat, I did the work. It turns out to be an excellent fast and well manered sailboat. I have never expected to attain such results. I am proud.

Proto 2001 SuperBlanc:

Building sailboats:


My sailboat designs:


In 1998 I purchased this nice piece of boat design software called Proline. Since then, when the winter hit hard, I design my dream boats. It is always the same kind and the same concept. I want a fast sailboat that I can sail with 2 people with little effort possible. I like waterline speed so I go for long, light and slippery easy driven hull that need no big sail plan. Remember I sail everyday and do not have crew available all the time. So I must be able to control the boat alone up to 30 knots.

My Sailboat Designs:

Sailing, cruising and racing.

I will tell all the story in a new page soon.

My sailing club

I am sailing on St-Lauwrence River south shore of Montreal at Club Nautique De Mezy. A very narrow place with 3/4 knot of current. Flat water all the time even with high winds except from north wind. Wind strenght can vary a lot in a short period depending on where you sail between island or protected from shore trees. Sailtrim is a must.